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We Keep Truck

Drivers on the Road!



About Us

We are from a family of truck drivers. We enjoy driving our trucks on the open road.  We also understand the importance of compliance mandates in the trucking industry, so we do the back-office work, which allows our clients to focus on driving their trucks for a living. We handle the administrative and compliance responsibilities so that our clients can focus on THE DRIVE!

Wins Trucking Solutions

Truck drivers are always on the road picking-up and delivering loads
and have limited time to do paperwork.
We ease this burden by handling all compliance and administrative
functions on their behalf.
We are truck drivers' dedicated remote business partners.

Here's a snapshot of our services...

We Are Driven To Keep You Driving

"Wins Trucking Solutions has been invaluable to my business. They taught me everything about the trucking industry.  I'm happy to have them in my corner!"

Damion Hartley 

(Owner Operator and Truck Driver

from New York)

"I can drive my truck knowing that Wins Trucking Solutions is taking care of my other business needs."

Trevor Davis

(Owner Operator and Trucker Driver

from Florida)

Wins Trucking Solutions

Please call to make an appointment for a phone consultation.

Virtual appointments are also available!


Phone: ( 914) 713-5659

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